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H e a l t h  a n d  S a f e t y



  • When the alarm bells ring continuously, evacuation should be conducted immediately.
  • Ensure that the bell is heard by the entire unit / other areas.
  • While preparing for evacuation, remain calm and do not panic.
  • Time is precious, prioritizing the safety of yourselves. Do not spend time packing personal belongings.
  • Leave the building immediately using the nearest evacuation route.
  • For those wearing high heels, remove footwear.
  • Move quickly and carefully to avoid hindering the path of others.
  • In the event of fire and the smoke spreading to the floors, find another way out. If this is not possible, close the door.
  • To avoid the spread of flames or smoke, seal the cracks of doors / walls which may allow fire or smoke to enter. Subsequently, open the window to let the smoke out and facilitate the flow of clean air into the area.
  • Break the window with objects around should the windows be hard to open. Be careful while doing so and avoid any broken glass.
  • Walk and gather near the main exit door (security station) and wait until further notice.
  • Do not re-enter the building before any notice from officers.


  • Alert others on your position by by pressing the number 101 on the telephone or by banging on the door or waved something at the window to signal to other people .
  • If you are surrounded by smoke, breathe slowly and crawl because the air at the bottom of the floor is cleaner.
  • If there is fire or smoke in the room, do not close the door cracks with wet cloth or towel.
  • Do not jump. Wait for rescuers who will definitely help you.

How The Operation Of Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher:

  • Disconnect / remove the safety pin.
  • Pull out the hose and point the funnel at the source of fire.
  • Press the valve and do the fire fighting measures.
  • Operate the fire extinguisher in an upright position.


  • Period of continuous spraying should be more than 8 seconds
  • Spraying the hose , alternating with keeping it open for 3 seconds and closed for 10 seconds.
  • Spraying in the direction of the wind.



  1. Open the door of box containing the hydrant hose
  2. Connect the hose to the faucet connector
  3. Pull the hose (nozzle) exit toward hotspot
  4. Open the faucet and point the nozzle into hotspot
  5. Turn on the hydrant pump diesel
  6. Make sure the fire had been extinguished, close the valve slowly
  7. Roll up the hose like the original. Make sure the water in the hose is empty.


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  • Lifting of Victims

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