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Pickling process

Purpose : Pickling leather from decomposition with pickled it until achieve pH 3.

Sub Process :

a.       Dispose the fur

Chemicals used : salt, calcium, enzyme, Na2S, Na5H, soap, antifungal, antibacterial.

Machines used : 5 wooden drums and 5 mixing drums.

b.      Dispose the flesh

Without chemical, only by using fleshing machines.

Machine used : 5 machines

c.       Disposal the calcium and Pickling

Chemicals used : Ammonium sulfate betting agent, sulfuric acid, formic acid, salt, anti-fungal and anti bacterial

Machines used : 3 hide processors

Tanning Process

Change pickle leather from leather labile to tanned leather stabile

Chemicals used : Tanning agents, mimosa, anti wrinkle, sodium chloride, antifungal, baking soda, alum, sodium metabisulfide, degreassing agent, sodium format.

Machine used : 8 drums

  • Shaving

Purpose : Decimate the leather so have the same thickness. In this process not used chemical, only mechanical process form decimation by knife (shaved).

Machines used : 5 hide shaves and 8 small shaves.

  • Buffing

Buffing is sanding leather in the flesh.

  • Dyeing

Purpose : give color in the tanned leather and adjust enervation leather. This process includes re tanning, basic painting, petroleum, fastening.

Chemicals used : Formic acid, mimosa chrome alum, alum, sodium acetate, sodium bicarbonate, sulfuric acid, re tanning coloring agents, fillers (filler) fixing agent, regulator of enervation.

Machine used : 10 wooden drums

Wet Mechanical Process

1.      Setting Out

Is process reduce water content and flatten the leather surface.

2.      Setter

Is process open the leather so leather surface be flatten by heat aid.

3.      Hanging

Is leather drying process aiming for really dry leather, do by dryer machine or hung in the room dryer.

Dry mechanical Process and Finishing

1.      Milling

Purpose: enervation leather

Machine used : 5 milling drums

2.      Staking

Purpose : leather so stretched and weak

Machine used : 8 hands staking and 2 vibrations stacking

3.      Toggle

Purpose : open leather pores so more flat, increase the leather wide, and maintain as not loose

Machine used : 6 toggling

4.      Buffing

Purpose : flatting leather surface and eliminate the remnants of the crude fiber

Machine used : 5 buffing machines and 1 brush machine.

Crusting QC

There are 3 important points before Crust QC :

  • Salted leather
  • Pickle
  • Wet Blue

Leather quality monitored at each process stage.

Finishing Process

1.      Painting

Purpose : give the final coloring

Chemicals used : dye stuff, paint, ink, binders, fixing agents

Machine Used : 5 automatic spraying machines and 2 roller coat machines

2.      Polishing

Purpose : make leather shiny by rubbing effect

Machine used : 4 glazing machines, 3 stoning machines, 2 felt machines, 1 hand polishing, 1 polishing machine

3.       Ironing

Purpose : make leather shiny by heat effect

Machine used : 4 finiplex machines, 2 continuous ironing machines,2 embossing machines

4.       Measurement

Purpose : separate the leather based o the quality and measure leather surface wide

Machine used : 5 measuring machines

Final QC and Packing

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